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With Instagram prints, live feed and hashtags, your event is more fun, social and interactive, and extends the reach of your event and branding socially during and after your event.

*Note: for all instagram printing, your guests will have to set their instagram profile to public in order to print their photos. 

How it works

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Our Team

We are an innovator and champion for fun and engagement of mobile photography, prints and technology. Our team span from award winning photographer, veteran web and mobile developers, and champions in hospitality, entertainment and travel.



We love to engage our community with sharing our love for photography and prints. We currently run a Photography Program under the "Life Skills Program" with our friends for The Haven, a residential home for abandoned, abused and neglected children, mostly referred to The Salvation Army for care by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. Our objective is to expose and engage the kids to photography as a healthy and meaningful hobby and as a creative discipline to hone their thinking and observation process and expand their horizons. 

We welcome professionals in the creative industries to join us in our future programs as the long term goal is to prepare them for their personal growth and development after The Haven and expose them to alternate career options and work opportunities in the creative industry.

We also welcome interns who are interested in joining our fun-loving environment and has the passion for helping us on our social programs. 

Drop us an email at and we would love to invite you to our cosy place for a chat.



Q: How many prints do I get for your packages?

A: It varies depending on events and no of guests but in comparison with the other conventional modes of unlimited instant prints (roving photographer or stationary photo booths), we can assure you will fully maximize your hours of service as we generate the most prints per event for your guests. The reason being with Cloudstaprint, we have given out the full control of the print creation and process to you and your guests, let us explain this a bit:

Roving Instant Print Photographer (One photographer to dictate the creation and volume of prints)
For a roving instant print photographer, it's in the control of the photographer over the process of where to roam, how active in getting more guests for the photos and the printing process and of course all the prints will still be just static group shots.

Stationary Photo Booths (A natural bottleneck to the creation, volume of prints, and vibrancy of your event)
Stationary photo booths are a natural bottleneck to the no of prints generated during an event. Firstly your guests have to queue up one by one/group by group for their turn at the photobooth, and when it's finally their turn, takes about a minute for the operator to explain to the user the process, your guests to choose the props, then have the booth timer countdown for only the first shot out of eg 4 shots for just 1 strip of photo and most photo booth operators does not even allow more copies to be printed for everyone in the shot, so for a group shot of 8, only 2 guests gets to keep a copy of the prints (eg 4R cut into 2 strips) for souvenir and the rest will just be directed to view/download the softcopy only from the operator's website or facebook page.

Another thing is eg out of your total guest count, only a small group will get to enjoy the service depending on if they are willing to queue or manage to get their turn at the photo booth given its natural bottleneck process and that one booth can only serve 1 guest/1group at any point in time before the 2 hours/4 hours of service timing is up and out of that small group, only a quarter of them gets the physical souvenir prints (for most of the photo booths will just provide one photo print no matter how many guests are in the shot) and the rest could only view or download the softcopy only.

Cloudstaprint (Every guests is a photographer and has full control over the fun, creation and volume of prints)
We totally have no control over the amount of prints that could be printed by your guests as every of your guests with a phone has the freedom to create their own personalized prints and choose the no of copies to be printed so everyone in the photo gets a copy of the souvenir print. From a business point of view, we are not exactly rational, but we are proud to give the best value, fun and enjoyment to our clients and it's great joy and satisfaction seeing our clients and their guests from the young to the seniors have so much fun creating their own prints and knowing they will have the lovely personalized print pasted on their personal space because it's a selfie of you and your love ones instead of chucking that yet another static group shot away right after the event.

Q: What is the difference between the choice of public (instagram) vs private (cloudstaprint)?

A: It really depends on the nature of your event and your personal preference. We would say instagram is definitely perfect for brand/public events where the organisers would love to have all the photos spread socially across all social medias and have everyone see and share it further to spread the event and brand awareness however there’s a few limitations to using Instagram as an instant print/photo booth service especially for personal events like weddings, birthday parties, other personal events etc for your consideration. This applies universally to all Instagram printing.

1) There’s no privacy as all photos will be posted to Instagram by everyone so you’ll never know what photos are posted, who will see it and where and how far it could spread to. 
2) Your guests’ instagram accounts have to be set to public (Users who have their Instagram account as private will not work) so that the system is able to capture the photo to print it. So you have to inform all guests if they don’t mind to change their account to public for those who are private for perhaps just during your event.
3) If you are familiar with instagram, the caption portion is usually filled with hashtags (including yours in order to print), so how the print works is it will cut
off the caption up to its character limit within the printable space so the print could be aesthetically pretty messy with all the hashtags amidst the personal caption and message and abrupt cut off up to its character limit. 
4) Your guests are sure to have fun printing many prints at your wedding, which means they’’ll keeping posting on instagram which is kind of spamming their own instagram feed in the process.
5) Your chosen hashtag has to be unique, if not there might be a chance public/someone who’s not your guests but made the same hashtag had their
photos appearing in your prints and live feed.

Cloudstaprint is created specially for personal events like weddings where you will have your private wedding gallery accessible only to you and your love ones, invited friends and guests to have fun creating personalised photo prints (clean space for your congrats message etc without all the messy hashtags in the prints), live feed for your private wedding gallery and as you’ll get all the softcopies contributed by all your guests for your wedding, you have full control and choice to share all the photos or selected ones subsequently with your love ones, family and friends on your personal social media

Q: Are there props provided for your package?

A: Yes, of course! For our wedding packages, we provide a set of fun loving props for your guests to have lotsa fun taking photos and posing for that Selfie with you or a giant Wefie shot! Just that now, you are no longer restricted to just having static group photos by an instant print photographer or having to ask all your guests queue up to have their photos taken at the stationary photo booth with the same old background throughout, missing out on all the interactions and vibrancy of your event.

Eg you have spent so much efforts and resources to find your dream venue and adorn it beautiful flowers, balloons etc and yet every single guest goes home with the instant print souvenir from your event showing only the same background and not even a glimpse of your beautiful venue, decorations and all the vibrancy and interactions at your event.

Q: So is there a photographer or technical staff provided?

A: Yes for our events, we will have 2 of our fun-loving staffs a.k.a cloudies dressed in our prominent Cloudstaprint outfits around to support your event. Their role is to assist your guests if they need any help with the apps, encourage them to have lotsa fun and take photos for them when a Wefie is impossible haha.

Q: So I'm able to use any of my favorite camera app, apply filters and effects to my photos and have them printed directly via my phone?

A: Yes you are absolutely right! Just use your favourite photo app to do your usual edits, eg making collages, choosing your favorite filters, removing that acne on your face with your beautify tools, adding stickers etc, then choose the photo, add a comment and have it printed right away in our lovely fashionable print format!

Q: So as the host, am I able to get back the softcopy of all the photos taken during the event?

A: Yes of course! We know as the host, you would love to be able to collect all the fun and interesting photos taken by your guests for viewing, keepsake and sharing etc but try asking your guests to send them to you and you'll most likely never receive it so with Cloudstaprint, for once you are now able to collect all the fun and interesting photos taken by all your guests instantly and automatically for you.